Picking the right covering for the windows is a difficult task. Some of the most popular contenders that you may have heard about for window coverings up until now are either blinds or curtains. Both of them do have their own unique properties. However, nowadays there is another contender in the market and it is also becoming popular and giving the other two options a tough time and that is the idea of window tinting. Many people up until now may only have heard about tinting their car windows. The idea of actually getting the windows in their house tinted may be sounding new to you. However, there are good reasons behind its popularity, and window tinting is certainly a great option to consider.

When you talk about the biggest drawbacks of the other two window covering options, then undoubtedly the major disadvantage of curtains is that they are extremely difficult to clean. In order to keep the curtains clean, you have to spend quite a lot of time. Not everyone can spend so much time in cleaning the curtains. Blinds also require some degree of maintenance. However, when you go for window tinting from Melbourne Frosted Glass company then it provides you with countless benefits which we will see.

Sun Protection

The main reason why we normally install blinds and curtains is so we are able to limit the sunlight in our house. UV rays are extremely harmful, and you do not want to over expose yourself to the sunlight. This is why, window tinting is one of the best options you can find nowadays. Tinting your windows will easily enable you to find a reliable solution to the excessive light entering your house. You will be able to protect yourself from the heat of the sun with ease. Moreover, the affordable of window tinting is also something that makes it stand out. When you compare the price of window tinting to high-quality curtains and blinds, then window tinting wins by a huge margin.


There are not many window covering options that do not only last long but also do not require a lot of maintenance, but window tinting is one of those. In case the glass catches dust, all you have to do is clean it and this is pretty much the only maintenance you need to do on its end. Moreover, tinted windows are also going to last a lifetime so this a serious advantage they possess.

Enjoying View

Window tinting can not only enable you to enhance the privacy, but also you will be able to enjoy the view. You can tint your windows in a way where you would be able to see what is outside, but no one would be able to see in your home, and this is something that the other window covering options never offer.